SPA Academy 2017


November 22, 2017

Running a successful sell side process

Our SPA Academy this year will focus on the sell-side of a cross border M&A transaction. Preparing for and executing a successful sale process can be complex, particularly where the target group is multi-jurisdictional or where significant pre-sale restructuring is required.

The SPA Academy is a half day interactive workshop covering some of the key areas which will ensure a successful sell side process. The workshop will include tips for the preparation phase, running a successful auction sale and ensuring that closing occurs smoothly and on time. In addition to speakers from Norton Rose Fulbright, we will be joined by guest speakers who will add a financial and operational perspective to commonly encountered issues.  The subjects covered will include vendor due diligence, positioning for buy-side W&I insurance, how to effectively evaluate bids received (including issues around certainty of funding) and threats to closing. 

Through the use of a case study and a workshop format, the SPA Academy aims to bring out the relevant themes and issues in a practical and interactive way.


Registration is from 08:00 with the workshop running from 08:30 to 13:00.




08:30 – 13:00

Session one

  • Preparing for a successful sell-side process
  • Preparation for an auction sale and preparing for due diligence
  • Preparing for the deal – accountants’ perspective
  • Positioning for buy-side W&I insurance
  • Developing the transaction documents and UK v US market approach

Session two

  • Auction processes and evaluating bids
  • Benefits and pitfalls of auction processes
  • Managing Buyer due diligence and what to do if the unexpected arises
  • Negotiating conditionality requirements (including merger control clearances)
  • Certainty of Buyer’s funding
  • Contractual and softer issues

Session three

  • Negotiating the deal and threats to closing
  • Negotiating the transaction documents
  • Managing change risk and risk allocation
  • Completion process and deliverables
  • What makes a successful closing?



We take pride in the training we provide to clients, and we are delighted that attendees have found our SPA Academy so useful in the past:

“An excellent seminar. The quality of the speakers and materials was fantastic.”

“A really useful session.”

“The style of presentation and the breakdown of the mechanics simplified the subject matter. The case study also helped to put it into context.”


Jill Gauntlett

Jill Gauntlett

London Nordic region
Jon Perry

Jon Perry

James Dunnett

James Dunnett

Megan Skipper

Megan Skipper

Sarah Kendall

Sarah Kendall