Complete Mining Title

Publication | September 2013

As a mining company, the value that you create rests entirely on the validity of your right to mine.

The value that is added by your expertise in discovering a deposit, developing a viable mine, and efficiently operating the mine through its production cycle is significantly greater than the initial value of the right to mine, but could be completely destroyed if your mining rights are challenged or withdrawn.

To help our clients understand areas of risk and to protect their mining rights in a systematic and cost-effective way, we have developed a bespoke product called Complete Mining Title.

There are three strands to this product:

  1. Mining title risk analysis
  2. Checklist of your continuing obligations
  3. Value added services at no extra cost

Our track record of advising on mining rights, combined with our position as one of the few practices with a full service offering tailored to your specific needs, allows us to offer you a unique and cost-effective service at a transparent, fixed price. 

If you would like to discuss how we can tailor the Complete Mining Title service to meet your company’s particular requirements, please contact us for further information.


Emma de Ronde

Emma de Ronde

Hong Kong