Financial institutions M&A in Asia Pacific

Publication | November 2014

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As global M&A activity continues to increase, many financial institutions are looking at their Asia Pacific strategy. We are pleased to present Financial institutions M&A in Asia Pacific, part of our key Asia Pacific publication series.

The guide highlights the issues for M&A transactions in the banking and securities sectors in the region. For the insurance sector, please see another guide in the series, Insurance regulation in Asia Pacific.

In this guide, we provide an overview of each jurisdiction’s regulatory regime – including the regulator, key laws, foreign direct investment controls and controller regimes (shareholders and management). We identify whether branches of foreign institutions are permitted, or only locally incorporated companies, and set out the associated capital rules for those entities. We also look at the market trends affecting M&A transactions – in particular, the scope of due diligence, contractual protections and integration issues.


Australia  China

Hong Kong  Indonesia

Japan  Singapore



Emma de Ronde

Emma de Ronde

Hong Kong