Sharing cyber threat information: A legal perspective

Author: Utsav Mathur Publication | January 2015
Published in: ISSA Journal

In 2014 a seemingly endless rash of highly publicized data breaches and cyber attacks stunned not only those in the affected industries but also the public at large. It is not surprising then that companies are taking notice of this growing threat and are working to develop effective defense strategies. Yet, no defense strategy can be truly effective without accurate threat information. And that information is best obtained from the companies that have recently experienced an attack.

Consequently, sharing cyber-threat information between companies within an industry is considered to be one of the key strategies in combating cyber attacks. The White House and federal agencies are chief among the proponents of cyber-threat information sharing; they have made clear that sharing threat information among industry participants is critical to effective cybersecurity.

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Utsav Mathur

Utsav Mathur