Corporate and commercial disputes review

Publication | October 2015

Corporate and commercial disputes review

From the editor

Welcome to the latest edition of the Corporate and commercial disputes review. In this issue, we examine a number of key developments that are likely to affect our corporate clients.

We review current trends in M&A litigation and highlight the importance of complying with SPA notice provisions, look at the Court of Appeal’s recent approach to unfair prejudice and also highlight developments in shareholder activism. In addition, we consider the measures for collective actions under the new Consumer Rights Act 2015.

We examine the Supreme Court’s decision on corporate attribution and when knowledge of a director should be attributed to the company, and consider recent developments on mitigation of loss.

On the regulatory side, we look at the recent Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and analyse the new rules on debarment from public procurement. Finally, in an area that will be of interest to many corporate clients, we look at recent developments in patent litigation, specifically circumstances in which parties can be forced to reveal commercially sensitive licence terms.


Buyers beware UK opt-out collective actions

Shareholder activism Amendments to articles of association and unfair prejudice

Corporate attribution Public Contracts Regulations 2015

The benefits of mitigation War grounds and winning streaks

Transparent patenteesWhite


Antony Corsi

Antony Corsi