Brexit – What next?

Publication | July 2018
Brexit – What next?

Businesses face risks and opportunities during the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the European Union, with some sectors more affected than others. As the two-year countdown to the UK’s departure from the EU continues, businesses will be constantly refining their plans to identify the consequences of the UK’s exit.

We have created this Brexit site to help our clients navigate and understand what Brexit means for their business. The site includes an overview of:

  • some of the models that the UK might adopt following a Brexit;
  • a timeline of how events have unfolded and may continue to unfold;
  • Q&As on legal and commercial issues specific to different industry sectors; and
  • Q&As on legal and commercial issues applicable to all businesses.

Our Brexit blog provides rapid analysis and insight as the situation evolves, addressing the key questions of interest to our clients.

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