State immunity

Publication | February 2017
State immunity

When can a state claim immunity from legal proceedings and enforcement of a judgment in courts that are not its own? Most legal systems recognize that, at least in some circumstances, the courts are not the appropriate forum for resolving disputes involving states. In the worst case scenario, this can leave a creditor without a remedy against a defaulting state.

To help our clients navigate and understand the differences in state immunity around the world, we have produced a global state immunity guide. This guide sets out the essential information needed by financial institutions lending to, or by corporates transacting with, sovereign entities. It contains answers to the key questions presented country by country and in a comparative format.

This interactive guide enables you to:

  • Navigate a map of the globe to click on the jurisdiction/s you wish to read about
  • Create and customise your own comparative reports in countries where you have a presence
  • Opt to receive email alerts when the laws change in the jurisdictions of interest.

For further information about the global state immunity guide, or in-depth advice on a particular jurisdiction, please access the portal.

To request access to the guide, click on the register button at the top of this page. Registration indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions which include important information about how our new product will be delivered.


Adam Sanitt

Adam Sanitt