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Author: Pablo Jaramillo Publication | November 2, 2018

Transmilenio System 7th Avenue – Bogotá, Colombia

The Urban Development Institute (IDU) has initiated a tender process to select 8 contractors to carry out the construction and adaptation of the Transmilenio System through the 7th Avenue, from 32nd street until 200th street; and 72nd street between 7th Avenue and Caracas Avenue; Patio Portal, operational connections and other complementary works, in Bogotá D.C. through a public works contract. The project will have a length of approximately 20 kilometers in a section of restored roads, more than 400,000 square meters of public space around the section and 11 new kilometers of “Ciclo Ruta” (bicycle lane). The aim is to enable 21 new Transmilenio stations on the 7th Avenue for the 350,000 passengers that will transit each day through the system.

The public tender will be divided into 8 contracts which is why it is designed to be awarded to 8 different bidders. Each one of these bidders may be awarded only with one tranche (contract). However, the same bidder may also be awarded with more than one contract provided that two requirements are fulfilled: that it is the only bidder for that specific trench and that its financial capacity allows it to perform more than one trench.

On October 20th the Urban Development Institute (IDU) published the draft of the bidding documents (RFP), studies, economic and financial analysis, and other annexes and appendixes related to the performance of the contract. IDU is currently receiving observations and questions from the public and the date set to submit the final offer is December 21st.

IDU expects the works to begin during the second semester of 2019 with a construction phase of approximately 3 years and for the areas of greater difficulties, an additional year plus 5 years of maintenance phase required to guarantee the quality of the works. The total duration of the contract will be 118 months, equivalent to just over 9.5 years.


Pablo  Jaramillo

Pablo Jaramillo