The way ahead - Asia Pacific regional transport survey 2011

Publication | March 2011

The way ahead - Asia Pacific regional transport survey 2011

Executive summary

The way ahead: Asia Pacific regional transport survey forms part of a global study of the views of 679 individuals across the aviation, rail and shipping industries. Respondents included operators, financial institutions, regulators, representative bodies, governments, insurers, professional service businesses and maintenance providers. This report looks specifically at the opinion of 162 respondents throughout Asia Pacific on the key themes of finance, consolidation, government support, investment opportunities, regulation, and the green agenda. These themes were chosen as reflecting some of the most critical issues facing the transport industries. Within each section we have broken down the responses both by sector, to show the differing views of aviation, rail and shipping organisations, and geographically.

After a challenging few years, opportunities within the transport industry are reappearing and optimism within the industry is returning. Market confidence is high in Asia Pacific and investment appetite has returned, and joint ventures and strategic acquisitions are back on the table.

The green agenda is also a key focus. Much has been written maligning the contribution of transport industries towards greener performance but the relatively simple options of offsetting and measuring and reporting greenhouse gas footprints are not the focus of attention in these industries. A more active approach is apparent.

Key findings

  • Most respondents in Asia Pacific think that liquidity has returned to the market or will do so within twelve months; the aviation sector is the most positive.
  • Shareholder/equity will be the most popular form of fund-raising over the next two years.
  • Across the region, the focus has shifted to joint ventures, raising equity/debt, and strategic acquisitions.
  • Most respondents agree that infrastructure investment will be the single most helpful form of government support.
  • Passenger numbers/freight volume will increase over the next five years, as will fares/freights.
  • Investment is primarily within country or region of origin.
  • Priority areas for regulation are anti-competitive behaviour, fuel pricing and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Most respondents are improving technological performance to reduce the environmental impact of their business.

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