Norton Rose Food and Agribusiness Survey

Publication | December 2011

Norton Rose Group is conducting a survey on the global food and agribusiness sector. With growing populations and increasing affluence leading to higher protein diets the demand for food, as well as the land and water required to produce it, is increasing. Security of food supply is high on the global agenda.

The survey covers issues such as the affects of global price spikes; regulation and foreign ownership; and how rising demand and scarcity of food will impact the shape of the agri-industry in the years to come.

The survey should take only a short time to complete. The questions offer a choice of possible answers so, in the main, it should be a case of just selecting a suggested answer or rating its significance. We are, however, interested in your comments and further thoughts and there are opportunities to give these.

Responses will be gathered, analysed and reflected in a report which will be launched in the coming months. We will respect the anonymity of all participants and we will not disclose the contents of any specific reply given to us by any participant, other than on an unattributed basis or with express permission.

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We thank you in advance for your contribution and look forward to sharing the results with you.