Tailored courses and seminars delivered on your premises



Our training programmes and seminars provide an excellent way of sharing our knowledge with our clients and improving our understanding of their business. We offer legal seminars and skills programmes tailored to our clients requirements. The length and format of seminars (anything from an hour to a day, interactive workshops, discussions or lectures) are flexible, according to our clients’ needs.

Tailored legal learning and development

The list below covers the legal topics we can tailor to your requirements. Please speak to your usual contact or to Fiona Evans, Head of know-how, to discuss your needs.

Core legal topics

Interpretation of contracts; the meaning of commonly-used contract words such as “term”, “party”, “termination”, “breach”; agency issues; cross-border corporate, contract and property issues.


Loan agreements

Facility types; representations and undertakings; default; transfer; market disruption and/ or lender insolvency; agency arrangements; legal opinions – what they cover and why.


Creation and structuring of security; priority of security; enforcement of security; security over particular types of asset (such as ships and aircraft, contracts, cash, shares); floating charges; guarantees; set-off and netting; subordination.


Types of insolvency procedure; administration and receivership; the effect of insolvencies on secured creditors (including moratorium and clawback and the problems of floating charges); priority of claims in an insolvency; directors’ duties and wrongful trading.

Cross-border issues

Contractual issues and governing law; cross-border security issues; cross-border insolvency issues.


Introduction to insolvency litigation; default and counterparty insolvency; enforcement of material adverse change clauses; insolvency claw back actions; mis-selling claims; default and insolvency; information requests and orders.

Corporate finance

Equity Capital Markets

Key legal and practical issues relating to an IPO  on the Main Market and AIM  markets of the London Stock Exchange, including which market; which securities; eligibility; what is required in terms of corporate governance; FTSE  inclusion; IPO due diligence; the marketing process (institutional, retail and intermediary); and negotiating an underwriting agreement.


Acquisition of a private company including dealing with due diligence; project management; tax; drafting the SPA  and purchase price mechanisms. Acquisition of a UK public company under the UK  takeover regime, including the approach, conduct during the offer, due diligence in a public bid context; offers v schemes of arrangement and competitive bids. Acquisitions of companies incorporated in more difficult jurisdictions, including how to plan and structure an investment; dealing with the unexpected in due diligence and how to live with the deal once it is implemented.

Financial services

Internal and FSA  investigation; FSA enforcement in practise; FSA document requests – avoiding the pitfalls; market abuse – the basics.

Tax and pensions


Foreign profits – where are we now?; HMRC  powers and penalties; capital allowances – post Budget 2009; tax planning – is it still possible?


Pensions issues surrounding corporate transactions; the new Personal Accounts regime.


Recruitment, selection and contracts of employment; age discrimination; sex and race discrimination; stress at work; maternity and family friendly rights; disability discrimination; bullying and harassment; managing redundancies; unfair dismissal and managing misconduct, poor performance and absence; Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations – principles and practice; mergers and acquisitions – the role of human resources (including common due diligence pitfalls); outsourcing – cross-border employment issues; internationally mobile employees; bonus payments – the big issues; data protection for employment lawyers; HR  issues for the downturn (including changing terms and conditions, redundancy issues and TUPE  reorganisations).

Competition and regulatory

EU  (and UK) competition law compliance

The prohibition on restrictive agreements; the prohibition on abuse of a dominant position; the merger control regime; the State aid rules.

Preparing for a “dawn raid” by the EU or national competition authorities

How to prepare for a dawn raid; conduct during a dawn raid; how to deal with the aftermath of a dawn raid.

Public procurement

Your rights and remedies as a bidder; your obligations and risks as a contracting authority; how to conduct a compliant procurement process; general refresher on public sector regulations; general refresher on utilities regulations.

Sector-specific matters

The regulatory regimes in the utilities sectors (water, gas, electricity, telecommunications, rail); competition law in the shipping or air transport sectors.

The financial crisis

State aid and the financial crisis; competition law and the financial crisis.

Dispute resolution

General dispute resolution

Contract – back to basics; privilege; jurisdiction and cross border enforcement; drafting dispute resolution clauses; witness familiarisation; litigation funding; asset tracing.

Risk management

Document retention and disposal policies; fraud – crisis management case study.

English court procedure

Introduction to the English civil litigation process; electronic disclosure; part 36 offers; interim applications; collective redress – group litigation orders and representative actions.


Introduction to mediation; mediation workshop; negotiation training for mediation.

The environment, health and safety and planning

General topics

Environment, safety and planning issues for lenders, companies and developers during a recession; corporate and property transactions – environment, safety and planning due diligence; urban regeneration; sustainable development (including land remediation, planning issues and energy performance certificates); renewable energy (including environmental, health and safety and planning issues).


Environmental Liability Directive; REACH Regulations – the new European chemicals regime; The Carbon Reduction Commitment and sustainability compliance issues for companies; waste management responsibilities for companies.

Health and safety

Fatal accidents and incidents in the workplace (including the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act and coroners' inquests); asbestos and occupiers liability; product liability and food law.


Introduction to the UK planning system; the infrastructure planning commission and national policy statements; planning obligations and the community infrastructure levy; urban regeneration (including compulsory purchase issues); historic buildings and heritage protection.

Commercial property

Landlord and tenant

Landlord and tenant – basic law; landlord and tenant issues in a recession; tenant insolvency – the landlord’s perspective; business tenancies – a practical look at the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954; The Carbon Reduction Commitment – issues for landlords and tenants; green leases; the property litigator's perspective.

General property topics

Land law – an overview of the basics; common hold land; land registration – an overview of particular aspects such as the new identity requirements for all parties and the new land registry policy on the discharge of charges.

Online learning programmes

We work with you to produce online training tailored to the needs of your business and the specific issues that you face. We have designed and supplied to clients the following e-learning compliance training:

  • business ethics
  • competition law for business staff
  • basic contract law content aimed at business/sales teams

We are developing additional content in response to market changes and client demand. If you would like to discuss your online training needs, please contact our Director of Learning and Organisational Development, Carolann Edwards.

Tailored performance development/ business skills training

We can provide tailored sessions or management and leadership development programmes addressing your specific needs.

The non-exhaustive list below gives a flavour of the training programmes we have designed and delivered for clients recently.

If you are interested in any of these programmes or would like us to design a training session for you, please speak to your usual contact or to our Director of Learning and Organisational Development, Carolann Edwards.

Be an effective manager

The roles and responsibilities of the manager; bringing out the best in others; motivation; delegation; supervision; giving and receiving feedback.

Drafting legal documents effectively

Interpretation; ambiguity and its consequences; legal document drafting tips; pitfalls.

Be an effective team member

Purpose of teams; stages of team development; hallmarks of effective teams; working styles; persuading and influencing; listening skills; confidence; building rapport; verbal and body language; how to take control of difficult situations.

Making effective presentations

Objectives; research; structure; creating impact; design and delivery techniques; how to deal with nerves; preparation; delivery; post-presentation de-brief.

Negotiation skills

Styles and strategies; stages of a negotiation; tactics; questioning techniques.

Time, work and project management

Time management problems; organising your time; tips on managing time and work; challenges of project management; planning the project life-cycle; being an effective project manager; project planning and delivery.

Writing and drafting for impact

Understanding the basics; plain English drafting; interpretation rules and pitfalls.


To discuss tailored legal learning and development, contact

Fiona Evans

To discuss bespoke performance development/business skills training and online learning programmes, contact

Carolann Edwards