Competition World

Publication | April 2012

A global survey of recent competition and antitrust law developments with practical relevance

Welcome to the first issue of Norton Rose Group Competition World, in which we highlight the practical implications of recent competition and antitrust law developments worldwide.

Our information comes from our competition lawyers across Norton Rose Group's global network. This international perspective helps us - and, we hope, you - to appreciate the interrelated nature of competition and antitrust laws worldwide, and the importance of knowing how competition principles are being applied in a variety of jurisdictions. We have found the cross-fertilisation of knowledge and ideas between competition lawyers across our global network extremely useful in helping us advise our clients on the latest developments and trends. We very much hope that this new periodical will be of practical use to you.

Should you have queries about competition law in your part of the world, we have set out, at the end of this issue, contact details of competition Partners across our global network.

Michael Grenfell
Partner, Norton Rose LLP

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Nick McHugh

Nick McHugh

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