Global solar power – a South African perspective

Video | October 2016 | 00:01:12

There is an increasing focus on solar power in South Africa. What we have seen over the last couple of years in the renewable energy programme is the development of large scale utility solar power plants both in the photovoltaic and the CSP technologies. There is one of the largest concentration of CSP plants in the world in South Africa or will be once they have been constructed under that renewable energy programme.

In addition to that we are also seeing use of off grid solar solutions such as captive power in the mining industry as well as roof top solar which is used in both private homes, in hospitals and government buildings. What is great about the solar portal is the ability to one learn more about what is going on in South Africa but in addition to that being able to compare how the development of the solar market in South Africa as opposed to the development of the solar market in other jurisdictions within Africa and internationally.

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