The Global Infrastructure Hub – What’s next

Video | July 6, 2018 | 02:04

Mark Mosely: The Global Infrastructure Hub hopes to build on the success of the risk allocation tool. In terms of the tool itself, we’ve been giving some thought to extending the breadth of it.  Right now it is focussed on so called economic infrastructure, or hard infrastructure:- the roads, rail, projects in the energy sector, projects in the waste and water sectors, but there’s been quite a demand to extend it into social structure. Projects in terms of schools, projects in terms of hospitals, so there’s a strong desire to increase the breadth, do a new version of it, we’ve carefully called the original version the 2016 edition and there is a desire to do a new version and expand it to cover these additional sectors, because there’s a lot of work being done worldwide in those social infrastructure sectors and a lot of interest in that.

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