Prescribing happiness for regulators and investors alike

December 7, 2011

Key industry sectors

Martha Healey comments on drug trials in the pharmaceutical sector and how companies can look at clinical trial results in the Ottawa Business Journal.

“It's important to ask the question, ‘How do you judge success even if a drug fails to get to market as a result of the trial?’” adds Martha Healey, who works on the regulatory side of drug testing as an Ottawa-based lawyer at Norton Rose.

“A couple of main reasons is either the trial did not show the results that the investigator or the sponsor was hoping to get, or it it had unexpected adverse effects.”

A negative outcome isn't necessarily a bad thing, she notes, as it often yields scientific data that can help the drug development process further down the road.

“Prescribing happiness for regulators and investors alike” is written by Elizabeth Howell.