Fulbright Selected by WILEF as a Certified Gold Standard Firm for 2011

June 23, 2011

The Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF) awarded Fulbright its inaugural Gold Standard Certificate for its incorporation of women into top leadership positions.

WILEF invited more than 300 law firms that employed 100 or more lawyers to apply. WILEF then selected 32 firms that met their standards for certification, which focused on whether women are significantly represented in positions of power and among the top-earning lawyers.

The standard for selection required that Fulbright meet at least three of the six criteria:

  • Women account for at least 20% of equity partners
  • Women represent at least 10% of firm chairs and office managing partners
  • Women make up at least 20% of the firm's primary governance committee
  • Woman represent 20% or more of the firm's compensation committee
  • Women make up at least 25% of practice group leaders or department heads
  • Women represent at least 10% of the top half of the most highly compensated partners

WILEF did not specify the criteria met by each firm; however, all selected firms will be equally acknowledged at an awards ceremony to be held in New York City this September.

"At a time when women are losing ground in some firms, it is wonderful to recognize 32 law firms where women are prominently represented at the highest levels of leadership and compensation," said Ida O. Abbott, co-chair of WILEF West and chair of the WILEF Certification Committee. "These firms prove that a commitment to the advancement of women can produce great results."

Fulbright has a long history of inclusion and a commitment to ensuring that each of its lawyers has well-founded confidence that he or she can build a successful career with the support of the firm and colleagues.

Learn more about Fulbright's Focus on Women at www.fulbright.com/focusonwomen.