Foreign Investigations - A Case Study

October 04, 2011 Author: Kelly Garrett Thorman

With the widely-reported increase in FCPA enforcement by the U.S. DOJ and SEC, and the new UK Bribery Act recently taking effect, corporations are increasingly required to conduct anti-bribery due diligence and investigations across the globe. Yet EU data privacy laws often seem to be in direct conflict with U.S. regulator's expectations for credible investigations. Complying with U.S. and EU requirements can require creative solutions and a strategic legal and technical partnership to gather and review the necessary data and documents.

Review the attached information to learn more about the legal and technical perspectives on:

  • Data privacy requirements as they relate to investigations
  • Practical steps and considerations for large-scale international on-site document collection, processing, and review;
  • Best practices from a recently completed European investigation.

Review the presentation materials in the attached PDF