Fulbright Forum – Shale Gas: An Energy Game-Changer

October 04, 2011

In our October 4th Forum, facts were separated from the theories related to this country's most promising new energy source and the key technology used to produce it. Among the topics covered were:

  • Types of cases, legislation and regulation involving shale plays around the country
  • The emphasis on environmental, health and safety concerns (no claim or liability directly related to fracking)
  • What is fracking and how did it unlock these shale plays?
  • How fracking has changed the energy outlook in the U.S. (including the potential to increase the nation's exports)

Our guest panelist, David Poole, General Counsel of Range Resources, helped to fill in the picture of the complex environment in which energy companies operate. In particular, he discussed the challenges facing companies with large operations, from reporting requirements to government enforcement to keeping investors informed to intense competition, as companies throughout the industry pursue the same energy supplies.

Download the presentation materials in the attached PDF