Family and those with caring responsibilities

We want to ensure that our people can balance their family commitments and caring roles with work responsibilities and have meaningful and brilliant careers. 

During 2020 we launched our Carers Network to better support our people who care for family members with disability and/or long term illness.

We have a generous parental leave policy which is gender neutral and inclusive for all types of parents – LGBTIQ+ family units, parents through surrogacy and adoption, kinship and foster care parent arrangements also.  

We offer 18 weeks of paid parental leave to all primary carers without a qualifying period (post probation) and for secondary carers we offer 4 weeks of paid leave.  We offer flexibility in how the parental leave provisions can be used, in one or two periods or flexibly, over a 24 month period.  

Families come in all shapes and sizes and we have designed our policies to be as flexible and as inclusive as possible.

In addition, we offer various support mechanisms for those starting or growing their family. We have partnered with Parents At Work to offer a comprehensive parental leave program (pre, during and post parental leave) and return to work coaching for all parents and carers. We have been recognised and formally certified as a Family Inclusive Workplace through the new standards launched by Parents at Work and UNICEF Australia. 



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