Australian privacy compliance packages

Data privacy compliance every step of the way

Australia Publication December 2018

Safeguarding data and complying with recent Australian regulation is a step-by-step process. Our privacy lawyers have put together affordable, fit-for-purpose packages to support organisations to:

  1. Ensure privacy compliance;
  2. Manage your supply chain for potential liabilities; and
  3. Prepare for a breach.

Review our privacy packages below and contact us to find out more.

Privacy policy compliance package

AU$3,000 +GST

Vendor data
management package

AU $4,000 + GST

Mandatory data breach reporting package

AU $5,000 +GST

Privacy compliance manual Detailed data security schedule for vendor agreements Data breach reporting manual
Privacy compliance checklist Negotiation playbook Incident response template
Privacy policy template Vendor management FAQs Emergency checklists
One hour of a privacy lawyer's time One hour of a privacy lawyer's time Notification letter templates
One hour of a privacy lawyer's

How the packages will help protect your organisation
Protect Respond Recover
Delete data risks Roll out incident response plan Manage notifications to affected parties, law enforcement
and regulatory bodies
Manage third party vendor risks Mobilise cyber incident response team Manage cyber insurance claim filing
Design and/or update data privacy policy Assess incident scope and potential for litigation Manage potential litigation against the business and its
directors and officers
Privacy policy compliance package
Vendor data management package
Mandatory data breach reporting package


Contact us

If you have any questions about the privacy packages we offer, please contact us. Or if you have a question on the new mandatory data breach notification laws that came into effect in Australia on February 22 2018, ask Parker, our Australian data privacy chatbot.


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