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Environmental Law Update: Key issues and tips to address the impacts of COVID-19

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On-demand webinar

Australia | 0.5 CPD point

Are you uncertain about your environmental obligations and how to manage compliance in the age of COVID-19?

We are delighted to launch the first episode, Key issues and tips to address the impacts of COVID-19, in our podcast series designed to answer these questions for you.

In this episode, Elizabeth Wild, Partner and Sarah Mansfield, Special Counsel discuss:


  • compliance with EPLs
  • what to do if changing circumstances affect your ability to comply
  • the risks and issues for landlords if tenants are unable to comply with their environmental obligations and/or are forced to abandon the premises


  • what constitutes a force majeure event?
  • when will a contract be frustrated?

Merits review appeal rights

  • are the courts still open?
  • deemed refusal rights – what are they and why are they important?