Montreal advised PCI Geomatics Enterprises Inc. in dispute regarding R&D tax credits

November 12, 2019

Client: PCI Geomatics Enterprises Inc.

Our Montreal office has advised PCI Geomatics Enterprises Inc., a manufacturer of technology for satellites with specialized cameras for use in geolocation, in a dispute regarding R&D tax credits.

Companies that pursued R&D activities cannot claim both tax credits and government funding.

On April 2, 2019, the Court ruled in favour of PCI Geomatics Enterprises Inc. allowing for the Company to obtain both government funding and tax credits for their activities on the basis that government funding was not a forgivable loan.

This matter is precedent setting for this industry. Currently, only two cases have been heard in Court, with this case being the first to be ruled in favour of the taxpayer.

The matter was led by Dominic Belley and included Catherine Dubé.