Global antitrust and competition trends for 2018

Publication July 2018

We have released our latest global antitrust and competition review for 2018. In this review we identify significant trends and developments that businesses need to be aware of across three areas: mergers, cartels and investigations and litigation.


We highlight the challenges for businesses in getting deals done in a timely fashion, and in particular the growing trend for authorities to insist on production and review of a broad range of internal documents as part of the review process. We identify the risks and offer practical tips to help smooth the process.

Cartels and investigations

A quick and targeted response is critical to dealing with a competition investigation. Our advice for businesses is to ensure you have a robust response plan in place to identify the initial steps you should take when managing the crisis and help you to quickly assess and evaluate your risks and options. We identify six steps to get you up to speed.


The spectre of damages will arise for businesses even at the beginning of an investigation. This risk – and the prospect of being sued in multiple jurisdictions – is an important factor when considering whether to apply for immunity and/or settlement. We comment on the trend for businesses to strive to achieve “global peace” to minimise their exposure around the world.

How we can help

There is much you can do to prepare and plan to both protect and promote your business. We can help you by offering practical advice on antitrust and competition risk. We have developed a global antitrust risk map to help you manage your risk around the world – a comparative guide to antitrust risk in over 140 countries. For more details, see: global antitrust risk map.

If you would like to know any more about these trends and their implications for your business, we would be happy to discuss this with you and your colleagues.

Global antitrust and competition

Awards and accolades

We are ranked by Global Competition Review as one of the top 25 competition practices of the Global Elite (ranked number 12). The Global Elite is part of GCR100, an annual guide to the most trusted firms for competition work. The guide covers more than 300 firms from all major regions around the world.

“Top 25 competition practices of the Global Elite”
Global Competition Review

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