Focus areas

Gender diversity

We are committed to creating an environment in which women can progress and where all genders feel supported in balancing their responsibilities inside and outside the workplace.

We aim to increase the number of female partners and women in senior roles and to position the firm as an employer of choice for women in legal services in the UK.

We have a bespoke talent development programme for female lawyers to help us create a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent for leadership roles in our firm.

Race and ethnicity

We want our firm to reflect the races, ethnicities, cultures and nationalities that exist in the communities in which we operate.

We have a bespoke talent development programme for Black, Asian and Minority Ethic lawyers to help us create a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent for leadership roles in our firm.

LGBTI inclusion

Our aim is to create an environment of inclusion and belonging for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.

Life stages

We have four generations working together and recognise that people at different life stages may require different working arrangements and support over their careers.

Disability and mental health

We work on a continual basis towards becoming more disability confident. We are committed to removing assumptions, barriers and challenges faced by people affected by disability.

We strive to cultivate a workplace where mental health problems are understood without stigma, where employee well-being is paramount and where the firm and its people respond appropriately and effectively to mental health problems and challenges.


We strive to be a place where personal background, social identity and socio-economic circumstances are no barriers to access.

We know that finding a job in the legal services sector is, to some extent, determined by the life chances available to people when they are growing up and their belief in their own ability. Drawing on our understanding within our organization of wellbeing and resilience, we offer work experience and mentoring to young people from less privileged backgrounds, who might otherwise not have the opportunity to access a legal career, to boost their career opportunities.

Employee networks

Our employee networks play a very important role in the firm. They foster professional development, create opportunities for networking and business development and increase our interaction with the community.

All of our networks are self-managed, sponsored by partners and operate under the philosophy that they are inclusive to everyone at the firm.

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