Kavin Selvan

Extroverted, tech-savvy and interested in green initiatives

Kavin Selvan

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London, England

Place of study and course

Economics at University College London 

Fun fact

I will play any sport, but I am particularly keen for a game of Squash!  

My experience so far

I’m currently in my third rotation, working in the Innovation team, having completed six-month rotations in pricing and applied tech. Over the last year, I have learnt a host of skills by taking responsibility for major client facing work and internal improvement projects.

In the pricing team, I led a project with the aim of producing a tool to be used globally by partners to assist and formalise the matter pricing process. The complex modelling in excel fast-tracked my learning to be proficient on the platform in a matter of weeks. Furthermore, the workshops that I delivered to global COOs honed my presentation skills and built my confidence in public speaking.

Whilst I was in applied tech, I worked in a team to automate the (now award winning) claim handling process for a client. Here, I was exposed to front-end software development and back-end database handling – both of which I had never done before. This fast-paced development process taught me the basics of javaScript and MySQL.