Managing legal and compliance operations in the new reality

Length: 88 minutes

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Global | May 07, 2020

The new reality of remote working, changing corporate priorities, budget cuts and evolving risks brings with it increased operational challenges to legal and compliance departments. Some activities had to be put on hold, others get re-adjusted. Several teams have been required to take on board new responsibilities, become more commercially focused and contribute to decisions that impact the overall growth – and survival in some cases - of the business. The legal and compliance team’s role as a business partner becomes even more acute in a crisis context.

How can our legal and compliance teams introduce efficiency gains and greater transparency to the business? How can we perform our traditional delivery role, while at the same time ensure that we function as business partners and business enablers? How can we best introduce new ways of working to help optimise the delivery of services to our organisations? Are there opportunities for legal and compliance teams in this ongoing crisis? And how should we prepare for the newly-shaped future?

We invite you to listen to this webinar, in which we discuss these questions and others with a panel of legal operations professionals. Our panel will also share their insights into how to prepare a continuation plan, manage resources, matters, costs and knowledge in the new reality.

The webinar was recorded on May 7, 2020. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out at


Cindy De La Fuente

Cindy de La Fuente
Legal Excellence Manager

Michael Van Leeuwen Michael van Leeuwen
Head of Legal Operations & Outside Counsel Management
Stephanie Hamon

Stephanie Hamon
Head of Legal Operations Consulting
Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, London

Sharon Oded

Sharon Oded
Professor of Corporate Compliance and Enforcement at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Regulatory, Compliance and Investigations partner at Norton Rose Fulbright LLP