Non-performing loans: Transferring derivatives linked to non-performing loans

United Kingdom Video May 2021 02:12

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Loan portfolio divestments, whether by way of sale or securitization, continue to make headlines and the prospect of increasing impairments in the coming year has drawn wide commentary regarding the impact on loan exposures in several key industries disproportionally impacted by the pandemic.

Drawing on our experience of several of the most high-profile disposals and acquisitions of performing and non-performing loans in such sectors, this video series will guide both sellers and buyers on the key areas to be considered in the context of preparing to sell or buy a loan portfolio in one of these sectors, together with some additional commentary on areas that will regularly be the basis for detailed negotiations.

In the second video in the series, Daniel Franks and Victoria Birch discuss some of the common issues that arrive when transferring associated hedges and swaps books.