Wendy Amexo

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Wendy Amexo

About me

I joined the firm in 2018 as a Paralegal, following the completion of my Masters degree at Northumbria University. I transitioned into the Legal Technologist role in 2019, and then into a Data Analyst role in 2020 where I provide Data analytics support on Projects.

I have always been inquisitive for as long as I remember. From the moment I could read, I would pick my dad’s old medical school books – my favourite was a textbook on Tropical medicine. I also used to pull apart anything with electrical components to ‘see’ what was ‘under the hood’. In High school, I enjoyed my science classes, especially dissections in Biology and titration practicals in Chemistry. I have always been interested in how things work and it is no surprise that I have found myself developing in the area of Data science.

For me, Data science is an avenue to ‘pull things apart’, to understand why things work the way that they do. The appeal in Data science for me in the high-end, cutting edge applications. However, over the past year, I have developed more appreciation for the human and ethical components of Data science. Recently, I have been involved in working together with stakeholders to solve their data issues. It is not enough to deliver unexplainable analysis or products without empowering the stakeholder to understand what is being done and what role they can play in maintaining health data practices.


Born in Ghana and raised in Ghana, Germany and Switzerland.

Fun fact

I speak, write and read Korean! I have studied for about 4 months and hope to take the TOPIK Level exam soon. The sentence structures are completely different to English but it’s a lot of fun.


Completed an MSc in Business and Management, with a focus in Corporate Financial Management, at Northumbria University.

Best part of the job

Seeing amazed reactions to my experiments. I am encouraged to be creative and try innovative ways to solve problems.

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