Reflexiones sobre la Justicia Transicional y las deudas odiosas

Publication December 2015

SUMARIO: La vida transcurre en ciclos, en etapas, en períodos. Uno luego del otro, el siguiente distinto al anterior, se encadenan indeteniblemente y hacen la historia. El período que estamos viviendo en algún momento le dará paso al siguiente. Y luego vendrá otro y luego otro.

SUMMARY: The article deals with the potential conflict of the new government of Venezuela as a consequence of  international claims for payment of credits from international institutions after the end of the Bolivarian revolution period and proposes the constitution of an arbitral tribunal to resolve the cases of expropriation of local companies who have no right to claim for arbitration before the international institutions like ICSID or UNCITRAL, since they are not protected by Bilateral Investment Treaties.

This article is only available in Spanish, please click here.

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