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Publication August 2017

Law 1857 of 2017

“Which modifies Law 1361 of 2009, adding and completing protection measures for families”

Law 1857 of 2017 broadens the purpose of Law 1361, 2009 in order to enhance emotional, economic and cultural resources, in a democratic environmental and far-reaching context to reinforce the family as an institution.

From a labour perspective, said law allows employers to: (i) adapt working schedules to fulfill family purposes, and (ii) agree to flexible schedules for the said purpose.

Additionally, it establishes the obligation of the employer to: provide, promote and organize one working day every six months in order to support family integration.

In this sense, the employer shall comply with the following obligations:

  • Assign one working day every six months in order to promote family integration for the employees, by organizing it directly or through the family compensation fund (Caja de Compensación Familiar).

  • Grant one working day every six months in order to promote family integration, if it is not possible to promote and organize any activity directly.

  • Agree to a complementary working schedule, in order to compensate for the above-mentioned working days.

It may be concluded that such working days are not vacations, and do not affect the mandatory rest period established under Colombian labour legislation.

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