In the fifteenth edition of Cultivate we focus on the growing field of Sustainable Agriculture.

Technological innovation continues to play a pivotal role in reshaping all parts of the food and agribusiness value chain – from the land we use for production, to the food processing methods and safety measures. In this issue of Cultivate we focus on how these new technologies are permitting us to increase food production in sustainable ways and what some of the emerging legal considerations are, including examining intellectual property protection challenges.

We explore a breakthrough development by a Dutch company which allows for production on saline lands previously thought to be too inhospitable to grow food, genomic innovation in livestock breeding in Australia and Canada leading to economic benefits in the billions of dollars and the use of artificial intelligence to detect diseases in crops.

One of the challenges of rapid deployment of technology in agriculture is legislators and the regulators are struggling to keep pace. On the regulatory side, we share a proposal from a Dutch academic for reforms of the EU common agricultural policy, recent guidance relating to the food safety regulations in the United States and lessons learned from the tobacco sector as Canada adopts a new regulatory regime for cannabis.

In this issue

Intellectual property issues – big data, robotics and automation

How can Agriculture embrace new technologies as the pace of change is now rapidly increasing.

April 2018

Genomic innovation in livestock breeding – what is your intellectual property strategy?

What are the huge advances being made in the livestock breeding and production sector?

April 2018

Artificial intelligence and the future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is pushing innovation in new ways and accelerating with advancements in computing power, data and algorithms.

April 2018

A proposal to reform EU common agriculture policy

Read about a proposal for the wholesale reform of the EU CAP.

April 2018

Regenerative agriculture

How can this innovative approach to farm land management drive long-term economic and ecological benefits?

April 2018

Cannabis: learnings from the Tobacco Act

The Canadian government is getting set to legalize recreational cannabis.

April 2018

Saline lands – Salt Farm Texel

What makes Salt Farm Texel so unique in combatting the issues surrounding salinization.

April 2018

Food safety: FDA releases 2017 enforcement statistics and recall draft guidance

The US Food and Drug Administration released its 2017 enforcement statistics.

April 2018

Food safety: Bakery receives warning letter for listing “love” as an ingredient

The FDA issued a Warning Letter to the Nashoba Brook Bakery for, among other violations, listing “love” as an ingredient.

April 2018

Food safety: FDA relaxes FSMA enforcement

The FDA will now enforce discretion for certain parts of the Food Safety Modernization Act rules.

April 2018

Food safety: FDA commissioner discusses key policy goals for 2018

The Unified Agenda address a number of key areas of policymaking which are currently underway.

April 2018

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