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LIBOR will cease as a benchmark by the end of 2021 and remediating IBOR based contracts presents the market with a significant challenge. Financial institutions need to understand their existing exposure and take action.

The transition from IBORs to alternate reference rates (ARRs) or risk free rates will have a considerable impact on the financial markets. Regulators are requiring regulated firms to understand the risks this poses to their business and remodel their systems to ensure that they are ready for the change.

With the changes being led by the market itself, many aspects of the transition are still uncertain. This resource hub has been designed to help you navigate the challenges the reforms present. It includes updates, useful guides, briefings and events on navigating the transition from LIBOR around the world.

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LIBOR transition checklist

Managing LIBOR transition will start with a full impact assessment covering all areas of your business that are exposed to IBOR. We have identified a checklist of key issues to consider when developing your IBOR transition strategy.

IBOR checklist

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A remediation solution for IBOR transition project teams

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