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Enforcing English judgments in the EU following Brexit

An EU cross-border guide

Global Publication July 2021

Following the end of the Brexit implementation period, the recast Brussels Regulation ceased to apply to the UK. At the same time, the UK acceded in its own right to the Hague Convention on Choice of Court.

Covering all 27 EU Member States, our interactive EU cross-border guide provides guidance on:

  • the procedural steps to recognise and enforce English Court judgments in EU Member States post Brexit; and 
  • identify factors that may delay or make proceedings more onerous. 

The guide also looks in particular at recognition and enforcement of English Court judgments relating to contracts with:

  • exclusive jurisdiction clauses; and 
  • asymmetric clauses.

The guide can be used to review individual EU Member States and also to create and customise your own comparative reports between different EU Member States.

You might be interested in our guidance on choice of law, jurisdiction and enforcement from a UK perspective following Brexit.


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