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There is an energy in Ivan Maslarov’s work that at times leaps out at you and at other times is contained, compressed in a single figure. I look at individuals in his photographs and feel curious about their lives. I would like to walk a while with them and see the world through their eyes. There is humour at play and a certain empathy that draws me in. I feel I could sit in a gallery and look for quite some time at any one of these pictures. I feel implicated. There is the subject of the photograph, and there is the photographer, and now there is me. This in some way completes the work. I wonder whether, as you look through this exhibition in your own private gallery space, you will have a similar experience. INGEBORG ALEXANDER





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Ivan Maslarov was the picture editor of RE: for ten years and a founding member in 2011 of the magazine’s creative team of three. He is a photographer, as this exhibition bears witness, and an animator, film editor and graphic designer. His work is award-winning. Ivan is from Sofia, Bulgaria. He lives now in London, with his wife and two children. This magazine’s creative team put together this exhibition as our way of saying thank you for all the good times. NICOLA LIU | ROBBIE PATTEMORE



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