ESG is high on the regulatory agenda. Businesses, governments, regulators, financial services firms and individuals all have a part to play in tackling climate change and this view is increasingly shared across society. In terms of financial markets, investors are increasingly seeking sustainable financial products and ESG investing, traditional investing combined with sustainable or otherwise philanthropic aims, has seen huge growth in recent years.

Regulated firms are also seeking to improve their own ESG performance more generally to build stronger relationships with their stakeholders, including those who use their services. Whilst the growing emphasis on ESG presents opportunities for financial services providers, it also brings with it a number of risks, which need to be properly managed with a view to avoiding future regulatory investigations and enforcement.

As our clients look to transition towards a more sustainable and profitable future, they require strategic legal advice across a wide range of regulatory issues including in relation to sustainable finance, disclosures, greenwashing and safeguarding against contentious risks.

Developed by our global financial services regulatory lawyers and integrated risk advisory group, our Financial Services Regulatory Developments in ESG Hub provides resources and insights to help clients stay informed of key regulatory developments in the sector.

Horizon scanning in 2023 section – ESG developments in financial services. This timeline sets out the key ESG milestones in the UK and EU from a financial services regulatory perspective so that businesses may keep track of developments in 2023. The timeline will be updated every quarter, the last update was made on 11 August 2023.

Keep ahead of ESG developments in financial services. We publish a regular ESG updater which tracks regulatory developments in the ESG space. Should you wish to receive the updater please sign up here.

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