Plastic debris on beach

Building sustainable communities

Global charitable initiative 2019/20

Through our global charitable initiative for 2020, we are committed to promoting environmental sustainability in our local communities. For the purpose of this initiative, we have defined sustainability as

  • Climate change,
  • Protection of the environment on land and below water,
  • Responsible consumption and supply,
  • Sustainable cities.

We are keen that each region or jurisdiction interprets this theme in a way that resonates with their local environmental sustainability focus, and partners with or supports their preferred local charities in the area of environmental sustainability.

Our global goals are to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of improving our environmental sustainability – in our business, in our local communities and as individuals;
  • Improve our own environmental best practice and focus on creating an enduring legacy in environmental sustainability,
  • Encourage behavioural change on the basis that small changes can – collectively – make a big difference;
  • Provide pro bono and volunteering opportunities for our people and join like-minded clients in community engagement and fundraising activities

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