The last several years have seen rapid growth in the Middle East. Resource price booms have been favourable for local economies, and announcements such as Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 have sparked massive investment across the region.

The stable and pro-business policies of countries, such as the UAE, in the face of global instability since the COVID-19 pandemic and regional instability, have also continued to drive substantial growth in the Middle East.

But increased investment can lead to a rise in disputes.

What arbitration and dispute resolution trends can we expect to see in the Middle East?

The evolution of the arbitration landscape in the Middle East is demonstrated by a number of recent legislative developments by which countries in the GCC are seeking to modernise their legal frameworks in line with international standards by establishing world-class arbitration centres and adopting alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation.

This progression continues to cement the Middle East region as a dynamic hub for international arbitration.
Nicholas Sharratt, Head of Dispute Resolution, Middle East


Head of Dispute Resolution, Middle East
Head of office

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