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Renegotiation of large volumes of contracts

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A modular solution to amend contracts in bulk, designed to suit the size and complexity of your project – whether working with 100 or 100,000 documents.

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Organisations need to complete bulk amendment of contracts for many reasons, from regulatory change, to M&A activity, to changes in internal policies. Taking steps to amend these contracts can be challenging, especially if there are many counterparties with long relationships with your organisation, who have nothing to gain themselves from the amendment, may need to be dealt with carefully for conduct reasons, or may seek to use them to open other discussions.

NRF has developed a modular solution that can draw from a menu of approaches to provide the right blend of legal tech and legal expertise to suit the size and complexity of your project. This includes a full range of technical delivery skills in addition to our lawyers.


A pre-developed fully road tested solution that can be quickly adapted to your needs for fast and efficient turn around

Blends best of breed AI, decision making and automation technologies with legal expertise to save time, drive down cost and raise the bar on quality

Real time, online reporting to provide transparency and valuable management insights to make downstream improvements


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NRF Transform abstract

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