Project Finance NewsWire - October 2017

Project Finance NewsWire

Publication October 2017

The Project Finance NewsWire reports on new developments affecting the power sector, gas pipelines, LNG terminals, energy storage facilities, energy efficiency, biofuels, gasification, water, toll roads, bridges, ports, stadiums and other infrastructure. We report from the perspective of a law firm down in the trenches on deals. The NewsWire is published every other month and goes to 46,000 people.

In this issue

FERC directed to favor coal and nuclear

Most United States competitive markets would be forced to dispatch nuclear and coal power plants ...

October 2017

Utility-scale solar trends

Four solar industry veterans had a conversation in late August about the top trends in the US utility-scale solar market ...

October 2017

Financing projects with virtual PPAs

Virtual or synthetic power purchase agreements present unique issues for developers ...

October 2017

Nuts and bolts of financing storage

The next big challenge for energy storage, after bringing down the cost ...

October 2017

Energy storage: unique PPA considerations

Developers are focusing on what terms to put in new offtake agreements ...

October 2017

Your project’s just not into you

I have been struck by the substantial number of stalled projects.

October 2017

Africa investor forums: key takeaways

An energy and infrastructure boom across Africa has given rise to a motley group of mega-projects on the continent that is attracting investors (particularly from...

October 2017

When criminal liability attaches to a busted project

Executives and directors of infrastructure developers may be wondering under what circumstances they could face individual criminal prosecution for a busted...

October 2017

Deal-contingent hedges

Deal-contingent hedges are becoming more common in project financings.

October 2017

Environmental update

A US appeals court heard arguments in mid-September on the legality of permitting rules that the US Environmental Protection Agency issued in 2014 for cooling...

October 2017

In other news

Tax cuts

Tax cuts should start to come into clearer focus this month.

October 2017

US import tariffs

US import tariffs on solar panels look more likely after the US International Trade Commission concluded September 22 by a 4-0 vote that US solar panel...

October 2017

FERC section 203 filings

FERC section 203 filings will no longer be required before closing most tax equity partnerships to finance US renewable energy projects.

October 2017

A new business model

A new business model using blockchain to allow consumers to buy electricity directly from generators at wholesale prices is taking hold in several countries.

October 2017

Offshore wind

Maryland offshore wind projects could be imperiled by a provision that Rep. Andy Harris (R-Maryland) added to a House appropriations bill.

October 2017

Virtual transactions tax

Pennsylvania took a step back in early October from imposing a new tax on virtual electricity trades across the PJM grid.

October 2017


A Chinese acquisition of a US company was blocked in September ...

October 2017

Solar data

Solar outpaced other forms of electricity in the United States for the first time ...

October 2017

Partnership filings

Partnerships will not have to pay penalties for missing a new, earlier ...

October 2017

Disguised sales and earnings stripping

The US Treasury moved closer in early October to withdrawing two sets ...

October 2017

Private business use

Private business use of municipally-owned power plants and transmission lines ...

October 2017

Minor memo

The latest forecast by the International Energy Agency ...

October 2017

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