About ComplianceWorld

ComplianceWorld is our comprehensive online legal compliance training tool for businesses.

Information you can trust

ComplianceWorld contains a series of comprehensive online (web-based) legal compliance training modules. The information contained in each training module has been compiled by our most experienced lawyers, in consultation with clients, who specialise in each of the areas covered. The result is a series of training modules that provide legal compliance training, risk identification and information resources you can trust.


Flexible, compatible information

ComplianceWorld has a uniquely customisable platform that can incorporate customised content, branding, technical requirements and delivery methods that suit your organisation's compliance requirements.


Information you can access

ComplianceWorld delivers legal compliance training in succinct and easy to understand language. This allows the organisation to give its management team and employees easy access to otherwise complex legal considerations. Explanations of the law are delivered with business specific scenarios and practical guidelines which provide a clear and consistent understanding throughout the organisation. Web-based access through a dedicated browser means that training can be completed by participants in their own space, in their own time and at their own pace, thereby reducing work downtime and organisation admin.


Information you can action

The ComplianceWorld training modules are supplemented by comprehensive testing, reporting and record keeping functions which enable an organisation to assess and monitor participant completion of the training and to understand key areas of risk that require attention.