Benefits of a compliance program

An essential management tool for any organisation

Compliance programs provide formal legal training which assist and develop an organisation-wide or specific target-employee group understanding of the legal boundaries in which the organisation operates. A compliance program is an essential management tool for any organisation. Good compliance programs help avoid the costly headaches that arise from accidental breaches of the law, while reinforcing the positive image of the company if the need to defend the corporation’s reputation arises.

Formal legal compliance programs should not be considered a burden. Instead innovative organisations can leverage them as a marketable asset. It is an asset that can improve relationships with the workplace while enhancing investor and client relations.

ComplianceWorld is a flexible, easy-to-use, innovative e-learning tool that delivers all the benefits of compliance in a manner that seamlessly blends with the organisation's existing programs and processes. As a result it will minimize the time and capital spent delivering essential legal compliance training.

…if any lesson is to be learned it should be that the best protection against contraventions and penalties arising from anti-competitive conduct is the elementary step of ensuring that directors and employees of substantial commercial enterprises are educated and properly instructed about the anti-competitive conduct that is proscribed by Part IV of the Act… [The] failure to do so can be a very costly exercise for those involved in such contraventions.
Justice Merkel, immediately before imposing AUD$13 million in penalties on four corporations and AUD$400,000 on three directors, in the Ballarat petrol price-fixing case.