Why choose ComplianceWorld

Why our clients choose ComplianceWorld

  • Provides an eLearning strategy for legal training and record keeping
  • Operates as the nucleus for an effective legal compliance program
  • Delivers consistent training to all employees throughout the organisation
  • Easy to use interface providing employees with flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience
  • Keeps employees up-to-date with the ever-changing legal environment
  • Can be integrated with existing learning and development programs
  • Supports good corporate governance and proves that risk-mitigating strategies are in place
  • Reduces management time and costs spent on delivering training
  • Creates an immediate, sophisticated and comprehensive up-to-date record of employee participation in the training program for management
  • Varying degrees of customisation to meet the organisation’s business needs, including alignment with their systems, brand and policies
  • Carbon footprint friendly through the reduction of printed materials

What our clients say about ComplianceWorld

Positive feedback received from many quarters. People expressing gratitude for having been made to do it as they are now so much more aware
Rhodes Food Group
I was happy with the way the lessons were presented, especially for our countries where the competition law is not very developed
Engen, Democratic Republic of Congo