About ecomply

Why should you choose ecomply?

ecomply contains a series of comprehensive online (web based) legal compliance training modules. The information contained in each training module has been compiled by experienced lawyers, in consultation with clients, who specialise in each of the areas covered. The result is a series of training modules that provide legal compliance training, risk identification and information resources that you can trust.

Flexible, compatible information

ecomply has a uniquely customisable platform. We work with you to create a program that seamlessly blends with your internal requirements. ecomply is a flexible program and can incorporate customised content, branding, technical requirements and delivery methods that suit your organisation's compliance requirements.

Information you can access

ecomply delivers legal compliance training in succinct and easy to understand language. This allows the organisation to give its management team and employees easy access to otherwise complex legal considerations. Explanations of the law are delivered with business specific scenarios and practical guidelines which provide a clear and consistent understanding throughout the organisation. Web based access through a dedicated browser means that training can be completed by participants in their own space, in their own time and at their own pace.

Information you can action

The ecomply training modules are supplemented by comprehensive testing, reporting and record keeping functions which enable the organisation to assess and monitor participant completion of the training and to understand key areas of risk that require attention.

Key elements

ecomply delivers the four key elements for an effective compliance program: training, testing, reporting and record keeping.


ecomply provides legal compliance education and training for your management team, employees and contractors, at all levels. It does this clearly and without unnecessary jargon, using relevant scenarios to create a more engaging and illuminating learning environment.

ecomply covers a broad range of legal issues, from Competition law, Business Ethics and Anti-corruption to Occupational Health and Safety. You can select any combination of modules to meet the needs of your business. If you have specific training needs we can develop modules accordingly.


Each ecomply module incorporates comprehensive tests that enable you to check participant knowledge and understanding of the law. It provides the participant with immediate, personal feedback on what they have mastered and what they still need to learn. Testing also provides evidence of participant comprehension and highlights specific knowledge gaps which require attention.


Sophisticated monitoring and reporting ensures that you know who has been trained, who has received the training and their results. You can view the information that you need, in the way that you need, in order to best manage your organisation’s training requirements.

Report generation is straightforward. Participant comprehension and knowledge can be broken down and analysed by selecting any number of the reports.

All reports can then be exported to Excel for further manipulation and analysis.

Individual participant reports

These reports are available to all participants. They provide instant feedback to the participant on completed and current modules allowing them to self-monitor and focus on their improvement areas.

Administrator/Executives/Department manager reports

  • Individual user reports can be generated to determine how a particular participant has performed.
  • Group reports can be generated to determine how the current body of participants throughout the organisation have performed. Reports include the Failed Module Report, Incomplete Testing Report and Passed

Record keeping

The intelligence an organisation can gain from this data will assist in the refinement of policy, risk mitigation and focused training to improve the overall understanding of the law throughout the organisation. In circumstances where a breach occurs, these records can be used as evidence of diligence in pursuing compliance.

Why choose ecomply?

  • Provides an eLearning strategy for legal training and record keeping
  • Operates as the nucleus for an effective legal compliance program
  • Delivers consistent training to all employees throughout the organisation
  • Easy to use interface providing employees with flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience
  • Keeps employees up-to-date with the ever-changing legal environment
  • Can be integrated with existing learning and development programs
  • Supports good corporate governance and proves that risk-mitigating strategies are in place
  • Reduces management time and costs spent on delivering training
  • Creates an immediate, sophisticated and comprehensive up-to-date record of employee participation in the training program for management
  • Varying degrees of customisation to meet the organisation’s business needs, including alignment with their systems, brand and policies
  • Carbon footprint friendly through the reduction of printed materials

We offer a range of ecomply packages to enable clients to tailor their training programs according to their business needs, click here to view our packages.