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An audience with the Premier of Bermuda on the new ICO and Digital Asset legislation | New York | May 15, 2018

The Hon. E. David Burt, the Premier of Bermuda, Minister Caines and other members of Bermuda’s Fintech Working Group were interviewed by Mina Matin, a partner in our New York office on the new legal and regulatory framework being developed to support Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and digital asset businesses in Bermuda.

London insurance market ICO and cryptocurrency seminar, hosted by Marsh | London | April 24, 2018

Nicholas Berry (Partner), Charlotte Rowlandson (Associate) and Peter McBurney (Consultant and Professor of Computer Science, King’s College) were invited to present to the London insurance market focussing on:

  • Cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and the crypto ecosystem
  • Insuring crypto risks – existing and potential product lines
  • Underwriting considerations, legal and regulatory issues and reputational matters

“The Era of Technology Disruption” Conference | Singapore | January 25, 2018

We hosted our half-day conference “The Era of Technology Disruption”, at the JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach on 25th January 2018; more than 150 tech clients showed up for a four-part discussion on how FinTech and Artificial Intelligence has impacted the different industries and sectors in Asia.

We were honored to have Chee Kin Lam (MD and Head, Group Legal Compliance and Secretariat at DBS Bank), Carl Ward (Group Technology Officer at Accenture Health and Public Service) and Arun Pai (Chief Investment Officer  at Kristal.AI) join Stella Cramer (Singapore) on the kick off panel to discuss their views on the FinTech disruption on their respective industries.

In the second session, our global partners Anna Gamvros (Hong Kong), Emma de Ronde (Hong Kong), Barbara Li (Beijing), James Russell (London), Nick Abrahams (Sydney) and Stella Cramer, came together to give our audience a download on all the latest FinTech and AI developments in our respective regions.

In a session presented by Nick Abrahams, our global head of technology and innovation, who spearheaded ‘Parker’, the legal world’s first data privacy chatbot in Australia, there was clear interest in using new tech to do things differently. So far Parker has already provided hundreds of hours of legal assistance since launch just three weeks ago.

Our final session was a presentation by our Hong Kong partners Etelka Bogardi and Emma de Ronde, who discussed cryptocurrencies and token sales, in particular how these are structured and regulated.  Etelka Bogardi summed up the global regulatory approach as “evolving and fragmented” and took the audience on a tour around various jurisdictions, ranging from the facilitative to the outright bans.

The future of FinTech: How the financial services landscape will evolve over the next ten years | Toronto | December 6, 2017

The rate of digital transformation of financial services is accelerating. Machine learning, trust/identity, machine-to-machine transactions, and quantum security technology are only a few examples of the innovations that are driving change.

Many FinTech technologies are breaking down data silos and launching a ‘data gold rush’, using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Others are building financial services organizations that look dramatically different from today’s market leaders and which are built upon exponential technologies, embracing radical innovation.
Join us Wednesday, December 6, 2017 when our industry-leading panelists will discuss the vision and execution strategies for FinTechs today, and what the financial services landscape may look like in ten years.

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DTCC European forum on Disruptive Technologies | London |  November 29, 2017

Paul Vine, Partner, has been invited to participate in a panel at the DTCC European forum on Disruptive Technologies, titled: ‘Implementing Blockchain – From Proof of Concept to Production’.

The panel will be moderated by Izabella Kaminska from the Financial Times, and will cover moving past the unprecedented frenzy around blockchain technology to learn more about collaborative innovations and getting sandbox proof of concepts and experiments into production systems.

FinTech today and tomorrow – a global perspective | Singapore | November 13, 2017

Norton Rose Fulbright/'s Singapore office is kicking off the Singapore FinTech Festival 2017 by hosting an interactive lunch panel discussion entitled “FinTech Today and Tomorrow –  A Global Perspective ”.

For this panel, our FinTech experts from London, China and Singapore, alongside Shameek Kundu, Chief Data Officer of Standard Chartered Bank, will discuss global trends, new and innovative FinTech strategy and tactics, and the impact of technology disruption on regulation.

Presenters will also examine and investigate approaches that different regional markets are taking and future developments for the FinTech sector.

Insurathon 2017 | London | 3 – 5 November 2017

Our London office is hosting Insurathon 2017 between 3 and 5 November 2017. The event will focus on innovative technology in the insurance sector and rethinking insurance related processes.

One of the main events of Insurathon 2017 will be a pitch event aimed at novel business concepts in the insurance market, where InsurTech businesses will compete for a prize fund of up to £25,000 of UK legal and regulatory advice from Norton Rose Fulbright. We will also be hosting a 2-day hackathon with an insurance legal services theme.

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Tales from the Crypto: ICOs and other regulatory horrors | Toronto | November 1, 2017

Does the current Canadian securities regulatory regime for raising capital provide the necessary flexibility to address the funding revolution being driven by ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges? Why are Canadian startups choosing to undertake ICOs in jurisdictions outside Canada? What are the consequences for participants in the Canadian capital markets if our system of regulation does not adapt to the rapid pace of technological change?

Please join us on Wednesday, November 1 for a lively debate on these and other issues affecting Canadian tech startups.

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Trading the Future: Investing in Cryptocurrencies and ICOs | London | October 23, 2017

Imogen Garner, Partner, will be speaking at the Chartered Insurance Institute on the topic of: Regulation and the future of ICOs.

Cryptocurrency and ICOs | London | October 18, 2017

Interest in cryptocurrencies has continued to grow despite recent price volatility.

We invite you to join our seminar which will explore trends in the industry as well as the key legal and regulatory issues that frequently arise in relation to cryptocurrency and ICOs.

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The InsurTech Conference | London | September 22, 2017

Nicholas Berry, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright presented on "The role of the regulator in the InsurTech revolution."

Association of Chinese Insurance Professionals | London | September 4, 2017

Nicholas Berry, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright addressed the Association of Chinese Insurance Professionals at the UK Autumn Gathering on the topic of InsurTech

Lloyd’s Market Association BILA U35 | London | July 27, 2017

Nicholas Berry participated in an InsurTech Panel Discussion

Dive into smart contracts | Amsterdam | June 22, 2017

If you’ve been to all of the ‘intro’ session and want to go a step further into FinTech then join this seminar to understand the latest thinking on smart contracts – a dive into the technology and the law.

This session was led by, amongst others: Peter McBurney, Professor of Computer Science and former head of the Department of Informatics at King’s College London and Paul Vine, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright.

The Impact of Block Chain and Smart Contracts on Hong Kong Firms – Hype vs Reality | Hong Kong | June 20, 2017

Anna Gamvros spoke at a seminar in Hong Kong on June 20, 2017 on “The Impact of Block Chain and Smart Contracts on Hong Kong Firms – Hype vs Reality”. The event was organised by IBSA (International Business Structuring Association) and held at the offices of KPMG).

The Economist – Finance Disrupted: Asia event | Hong Kong | June 2, 2017

Partner Emma de Ronde spoke at the inaugural Asia event of The Economist’s Finance Disrupted series of events. Emma spoke on the topic of regulation in FinTech and how regulators have a crucial role to play in determining the speed, scale and shape of innovation.

Emma spoke as part of a panel alongside Eileen Burbridge, FinTech envoy to the UK HM Treasury and Benedicte Nolens, Senior director at the Securities & Futures Commission.

DLT, blockchain and smart contracts: exploring the evolving legal landscape | London | May 23, 2017

This seminar will explore some of the key legal issues that frequently arise in relation to these technologies, and the challenges and opportunities these present for financial institutions and other industry players.

The seminar will include presentations and a Q&A session with members of our global distributed ledger and blockchain team.

FinTech Conference | Munich | May 18, 2017

Katrin Stiess, Frank Henkel and Christoph Ritzer together with distinguished speakers from ING-DiBa, IBM, GP Bullhound and Munich Finance Forum, will be presenting on: ‘The digital transformation of the financial services sector’ covering:

  • Challenges for banks and their current business models
  • An emerging threat: new competitors from FinTech companies and other start-ups
  • Analysis of the status quo of the European FinTech sector
  • Overview of key legal and regulatory aspects
  • A panel which will be discussing growth opportunities for all market participants.

Norton Rose Fulbright hosts ASIC, CBA and ASX cutting-edge blockchain discussion | Sydney | April 28, 2017

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QuanTech conference | London | April 26 – 28, 2017

Paul Vine - Partner, and Hannah Meakin - Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright  will be presenting on: Clearing and Settlement and Distributed Ledger Technology: A Legal and Regulatory Perspective

Harriet Jones-Fenleigh, Senior Associate, and  James Russell, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright will be speaking on a panel which will be discussing: Distributed Ledger Technology and the Law: Intellectual Property, Data Privacy, Liability and Disputes Resolution

Insurance Law Forum (A Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law conference) | London | March 23, 2017

Nico Berry, senior associate at Norton Rose Fulbright, will be presenting on: ‘Bringing FinTech innovation and blockchain technology to the insurance market’ covering:

  • Addressing the challenges of legacy systems
  • An emerging threat: new competitors from start ups, and manufacturing, utility and telecoms companies
  • Using blockchain technology – streamlining payments of premiums and claims
  • Is the insurance industry willing and ready for blockchain?

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The FCA’s InsurTech Conference | London | March 28 – 29, 2017

Nico Berry, Senior Associate at Norton Rose Fulbright will be presenting on ‘The Future of smart contracts in insurance’.

14th Annual Europe Structured Products and Derivatives Conference | London | 1 – 2 February

Daniel Franks, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright London will be speaking on the Blockchain distribution panel which will explore:

  • How could Structured Products benefit from blockchain?
  • Is there a mismatch between bespoke and standardised smart contracts?
  • Using Ricardian contracts and new domain-specific languages to encode the rights and obligations of Structured Products
  • How could blockchain disrupt financial markets, including post-trade clearing and settlement for derivatives?

2nd R3 smart contracts templates summit | London | November 2016

Sean Murphy, Global head of blockchain and distributed ledgers, presented on ‘Can smart contracts be legally binding contracts?’

UBS European Conference 2016 | London | November 2016

Sean Murphy, Global head of blockchain and distributed ledgers, participated in a panel discussion about ‘How Blockchain will transform business’.

Barclays Digital Conference | London | October 31, 2016

This year’s one-day conference, which brought together more than 400 industry leaders, focused on business in the age of digitalisation: transformation, disruption, integration, optimisation and humanisation.

Sean Murphy, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright spoke at the smart contracts breakout session.

Risk and disruption, Norton Rose Fulbright | Sydney | October 27, 2016

Blockchain is set to be a major disruptive technology in the financial services sector. Risk & Regulation continues to be the #1 concern of all in-house counsel.

Our half-day seminar focused on current ‘Risks & Disruptors’ in the global technology and regulatory environment as they affect Financial Institutions in Australia, covering:

  • Blockchain – how it is currently being implemented and regulated in the financial services industry
  • Global regulation – latest developments and the use of technology to disrupt misconduct
  • FinTech and RegTech – the untested commercial, legal and regulatory risks

What lawyers need to know about Blockchain and Smart Contracts | October 20, 2016 | 13:30 ET

Lexis Nexis US Webinar

Exploring smart contracts and Blockchain. The webinar featured expert analysis from David E. Barrett and Ron Smith, who are both partners at Norton Rose Fulbright. They covered:

  • What “smart contracts” are and why this term itself may be somewhat of a misnomer;
  • The interaction of smart contracts with Blockchain technology;
  • Considerations with respect to their enforceability under existing US law.

Association of corporate counsel, annual meeting | San Francisco | October 18, 2016

Smart Contracts session

Sean Murphy, partner, London and David Barrett, partner, New York discussed what smart contracts are, their potential impact, and the legal, regulatory and consumer protection issues relating to their use.

International Financial Law Review’s FinTech Asia event: Navigating legal risk and regulation | Hong Kong | October 18, 2016

Anna Gamvros, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright Hong Kong moderated a panel titled “Start-up clinic: Licensing and IP”.

The Banking & Financial Services Law Association | New Zealand | August 2016

Nick Abrahams (partner, Sydney) presented a session entitled “The Law is in the Code: blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrency” at the Banking & Financial Services Law Association’s 33rd Annual Conference in Queenstown, New Zealand.

London FinTech Week | London | July 20, 2016

Sean Murphy, global head of blockchain and distributed ledgers, Norton Rose Fulbright will be speaking on the ‘Legally-Enforceable Smart Contracts’ London FinTech week, focussing on:

What happens when digital smart contracts become legally binding? Is this the game-changer that we’ve been promised?

Conference: Experience how blockchain technology is optimizing trade & financial networks today | St Louis, USA | June 14, 2016

Ron Smith, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP spoke on the panel: Leveraging Blockchains and Smart Contracts for Financial Securities and Derivatives Transactions

Law and Blockchain Panel, Ethereum Meetup | London | June 9, 2016

Sean Murphy, Global head of blockchain and distributed ledgers, Norton Rose Fulbright London LLP, spoke on a panel discussing DAOs - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, addressing the following questions:

  • Legally speaking what is a DAO and what is the community of token holders?
  • Who is legally responsible for and liable for acts or omissions of a DAO?
  •  How will regulators regulate activities of a DAO?
  • Is this/can this be a new legal paradigm?

Fintech in the Insurance sector, Thomson Reuters’ Insurance Law Forum | London | June 9, 2016

Nico Berry, senior associate, Norton Rose Fulbright, spoke Thomson Reuter’s recent Practical Law panel discussion as part of their annual Insurance Forum on the use of FinTech in the insurance sector.

The panel discussed:

  • the disruptive effect of technology in the insurance market, the threats and opportunities it presents to existing and new market participants, big data and the internet of things and how incubators and “intrapreneurship” might affect the sector
  • the potential uses of blockchain within insurance

Leading US Fintechs in Australia | Sydney | June 1, 2016

Join our seminar to hear a global view on Fintech from US Fintech companies operating in Australia.

Unlocking the blockchain | Sydney | April 27, 2016

Blockchains and smart contracts—what are they and how can we use them?

The seminar focused on the potential applications of the blockchain technology and the key legal and regulatory considerations.

Quintessence Forum – Beyond Bitcoin | BNP Paribas Securities Services, London | April 26, 2016

Panelist: Sean Murphy, global head of blockchain and distributed ledgers, Norton Rose Fulbright. Sean was invited to speak on the panel at BNP Paribas’ seminar.

Understanding Smart Contracts | London | March 9, 2016

Smart contracts, in conjunction with distributed ledgers and blockchains, have the potential to deliver revolutionary changes to the way in which business transactions are undertaken.

Featuring insights from Norton Rose Fulbright’s legal and regulatory specialists, alongside perspectives from leading blockchain entrepreneurs, professionals and academics, this seminar focussed on the potential applications and impact of smart contracts, and the key legal and regulatory considerations in relation to their use.

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DC Blockchain Summit | Washington | March 3, 2016

Sean Murphy, global head of blockchain and distributed ledgers, moderated the smart contracts panel at the US Chamber of Digital Commerce’s inaugural Blockchain summit.

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Unlocking the Blockchain | London | January 21, 2016

Blockchains and distributed ledgers have become one of the most talked about topics in the financial services sector.

Norton Rose Fulbright’s seminar focused on the potential applications of the blockchain technology and the key legal and regulatory considerations. It featured a presentation by Kwôri (a blockchain consultancy) on the findings from their ‘Blockchain and distributed ledgers in 2016’ report, as well as a panel discussion between key industry figures.

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