Supply chain: Are your RiskReady?

More than ever, businesses are using global supply chains to remain competitive

More than ever, businesses are using global supply chains to remain competitive. Often this involves businesses transferring parts of their supply chains to developing nations to benefit from reduced costs, particularly labour costs.

At the same time as supply chains are becoming global and unwieldy, the community, regulators and NGOs are holding businesses accountable for all parts of their supply chain. This poses real challenges for businesses, whose reputations are now reliant upon the conduct of disparate suppliers, over whom they have traditionally sought to have little control.

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Six degrees of separation: cyber risk across global supply chains

Global supply chains and secure technology are two of the pillars sustaining our fast-moving, interconnected world. As such, not only are they critical to global business operations, but they are also a high-value target for hacktivists and cyber criminals.

Above and beyond: human rights due diligence across businesses and supply chains

The societal trend towards more responsible sourcing of goods and services, and the promotion and protection of human rights by businesses, is translating into the regulatory sphere.