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Publication oktober 2019

The energy storage industry is not a completely new industry and there have been short lived booms before. The difference now is that developments are not being led solely by the suppliers, inventors and VC investors but by the buyers and users. Large utilities and retailers are supporting the roll-out of energy storage devices and governments are looking to kick start the industry in the same way as they fostered solar and wind power generation. Consumers are demanding more options. Expert commentators like Navigant Research estimate that energy storage will be a US$50 billion global industry by 2020 with an installed capacity of over 21 Gigawatts in 2024.

There are many issues to consider when developing and financing energy storage projects, whether on a standalone or integrated basis. The materials available on this page highlight market trends, new developments alongside some of the regulatory considerations and trends we believe utilities, developers and financiers should take into account in assessing energy storage projects.

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