Remote working has become the new normal for many firms around the world. Productivity, work/life balance and revenue growth are all under debate when it comes to remote working models.

But, what are the challenges for businesses harnessing remote, hybrid and flexible ways of working? And how do you cultivate workplace culture? 

In our latest report, we consider some of the issues in key jurisdictions around the world including:

  • Maintenance of remote working equipment. Who pays?
  • Resistance to returning to the office. What can an employer do?
  • The rise in discrimination claims if people don't feel they have equal access to opportunities
  • Disclosure of confidential data in the event that the working activity is carried out in public places. Who's liable?
  • Tracking and ensuring that hourly workers are fully compensated for all hours worked

Much of the debate in the media is around the way in which businesses are leaning – either in favour of more or less time working physically in the office.

What does remote actually means for businesses around the world?

Global Workplace Insider Podcast: Remote working special

In today's ever-evolving business landscape, remote working has become a central theme. Our exclusive two-part series delves deep into the legal aspects of remote work, exploring topics such as:

  • Navigating the complex web of international employment laws when your workforce spans the globe
  • Discovering the legal safeguards required to protect your company's sensitive data
  • Understanding the critical components of remote work agreements and the legal implications
  • Getting insights on crafting comprehensive policies that ensure productivity, fairness, and compliance.


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