Brexit Broadcast: Financial market infrastructure

Global Video September 2018 06:59

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Ahead of Britain’s impending departure from the EU on March 29, 2019, our financial services team will be updating you on the latest developments and exploring the implications of Brexit for the industry.

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Brexit Broadcast: Financial market infrastructure (September 2018)

Hannah Meakin, Jonathan Herbst and Simon Lovegrove discuss financial market infrastructure and Brexit.

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Brexit Broadcast: UK Government’s White Paper (July 2018)

Simon Lovegrove and Jonathan Herbst discuss the Government’s White Paper on the future UK/EU relationship.

Brexit Broadcast: Brexit and financial services - Germany (June 2018)

Martin Krause, a partner in our Frankfurt office, provides a view on Brexit from Germany.
Brexit Broadcast: Brexit and financial services - France (June 2018)

Roberto Cristofolini, a partner in our Paris office, provides a view on Brexit from France.
Brexit Broadcast: Focus on asset managers (June 2018)

Jonathan Herbst and Imogen Garner discuss the areas that the asset management industry is focusing on in relation to Brexit.
Brexit Broadcast: Transitional agreement (April 2018)

Simon Lovegrove is joined by Jonathan Herbst and Peter Snowdon to discuss the transitional agreement.
Brexit Broadcast: Update on PRA branch authorisations (January 2018)

Peter Snowdon and Simon Lovegrove take a look at the PRA's recent consultation paper on branch authorisations, CP29/17, and also its Dear CEO letter.
Brexit Broadcast: Latest developments (January 2018)

A look at what we have been seeing in the market and what may be happening in the next few weeks.
Brexit Broadcast: Brexit update – Financial Services (October 2017)

Simon Lovegrove is joined by Jonathan Herbst, our global head of financial services who has been working with a number of firms on Brexit.
Brexit Broadcast: Brexit and Article 50 (March 2017)

The Prime Minister delivered the letter to the European Authorities in relation to the Article 50 triggering of Brexit.
Brexit Broadcast: Brexit update – Financial Services (February 2017)

We discuss the market reaction to our new paper on equivalence that was commissioned by the Financial Services Negotiation Forum, as well as other Brexit-related matters affecting financial services.
Brexit Broadcast: Looking forward to 2017: Brexit and Trump (December 2016)

With 2017 being just around the corner, and with the possibility that the year will be a defining moment for the financial services industry, we thought we would ...
Brexit Broadcast: Brexit update – Financial Services (September 2016)

In this video we are going to do a short update on Brexit.
Brexit Broadcast: What does the leave vote mean for financial services firms? (June 2016)

The UK has voted to leave the EU. What does that mean in practice to you as a GC or as senior management in a regulated firm?
Brexit Broadcast: Brexit basics (May 2016)

On June 23, the UK holds its referendum on EU membership. We discuss the implications of possible outcomes.
Brexit Broadcast: The potential legal implications of a Brexit (March 2016)

The upcoming EU referendum and the continuing uncertainty as to whether the UK will choose to stay in or leave the EU is clearly a concern for our clients with business interests in the UK and Europe.


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