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DeFi Academy

Session 2 | Global regulatory reactions to DeFi

Event Details

Global | October 19 2021

There is now nearly $150 billion of value locked into Decentralised Finance (DeFi) protocols and applications. DeFi provides incredible opportunities for the democratisation of financial services and could serve as the future of the financial services ecosystem, but it also comes with legal and regulatory uncertainty due to its novel structure.

To demystify DeFi and explore the various associated legal and regulatory issues, over the next few months, we will be running a “DeFi Academy” comprising a series of discussions – including live Q&A sessions – as detailed below:

  1. An introduction to DeFi - Watch now
  2. Global regulatory reactions to DeFi | Tuesday 19 October | 3pm BST/10am ET
  3. Managing Regulatory and Litigation Risks in DeFi | Tuesday 23 November | 3pm GMT/10am ET

We invite you to register to join our second discussion on October 19, in which we will explore:

  • How regulators have reacted to DeFi (if they have reacted at all); and
  • What the future might hold for the regulation of DeFI.