European Commission’s white paper on foreign subsidies

It’s not only merger control anymore: Implications for companies in Asia

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Global | November 18, 2020

The European Commission (the “Commission”) recently released a White Paper that is meant to address distortions of competition where companies active in the European Union (“EU”) benefit from foreign subsidies. The Commission’s White Paper was published for consultation and if implemented would significantly expand the Commission’s powers over foreign direct investment (“FDI”) alongside the already existing merger control rules. The White Paper notably suggests to subject acquisitions of EU companies to a clearance procedure where foreign subsidies are used to facilitate such acquisitions.

In this webinar we will consider the key aspects of the White Paper and its significance for Asian companies in a context where rules on FDI around the world are continually being tightened.

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We have made an application for this webinar to be accredited for continuing professional development by the Law Society of Hong Kong. We expect to be successful in receiving accreditation.